Software Engineer, DevSecOps

Swiss based Dufour Aerospace is developing an eVTOL platform based on tilt-wing technology to make future manned and unmanned electric and hybrid electric aircraft a reality. Dufour’s prototypes have already flown many hundreds of flights – both manned and unmanned. The combination of VTOL operation, aircraft design and software development expertise puts Dufour Aerospace at the forefront of Advanced Air Mobility.

About the role

You will be responsible for the development, security, and operations of our compute infrastructure and services. Working location for this role is Zurich, Switzerland.


  • Collaborative design, development, specification, interfaces definition.
  • Data storage systems and backup/recovery.
  • API authentication and security.
  • Continuous integration, testing, and deployment pipelines.
  • Compute infrastructure administration.


  • Experience in distributed systems architecture, design, implementation, deployment and maintenance.
  • Solid knowledge of C++, Python, JavaScript, bash.
  • Comfortable with modern infrastructure tooling such as Kubernetes.
  • Strong analysis and problem solving skills.
  • Motivated and self-directed work ability.


  • Passion for aviation and sustainable technology.
  • Knowledge of DO-178C standards and processes, and when to apply them.
  • Experience with secure real-time communication protocols.
  • Experience working with and/or interoperating with embedded systems.
  • A hands-on problem-solving approach to engineering.

Dufour Aerospace is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes applications from all qualified individuals regardless of race, sex, gender identity, disability, religion/belief, sexual orientation or age.

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With over 30 years of experience in Swiss commercial helicopter operations, we understand the real world requirements of VTOL aircraft. Our engineering team with years of aircraft construction experience is building aircrafts for rugged operations in harsh environments. Our patented combination of proven aerodynamic concepts with the latest technology makes our aircraft rock solid with unparalleled performance.