Vertical take-off and landing
just became super versatile.

Aero2 is designed and built for high-load and long-distance operations. Its tilt-wing design combines the best of the helicopter and airplane worlds: vertical take-off and landing on even the smallest spots and energy efficient long-range flight at high speeds. For safety and robustness, we have applied aircraft design standards, and we will be able to reach full CS-LUAS certification. With its hybrid module, Aero2 offers flight time and endurance that is out of reach for today's electric only VTOL applications.

The ability to transport up to 40 kg payload makes the aircraft an excellent fit for search and rescue (SAR) operations, long endurance terrain and infrastructure surveillance, and transporting cargo to remote and urban areas. The aircraft's standard design and the redundant layout of its systems makes it an excellent platform to transport high value, safety critical or temperature sensitive payloads like organs, blood, vaccines etc.

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Max. take-off weight

150 kg (331 lbs)

max. flight time

3 hours with hybrid / 400 km (216 NM)
1 hour pure electric

Payload bay

Cargo module within nose cone
SAR module with additional ADU (Auxilliary Drop Unit)
Surveillance module with additional vertical scan pack


40 kg (88 lbs) in standard configuration
20 kg (44 lbs) in long range configuration

Cruise speed

Up to 170 km/h (92 kts)


4 motors powering 4 propellers
2 tail fans


Nose cone can be exchanged within minutes

Redundancy / safety

Redundant motors and propellers
Redundant flight control units
Redundant control surfaces
Ability to continue flight and land in STOL configuration

Built to work hard.

Redundant and continued safe flight capable.
Robust gear for remote landings on unprepared terrain.
Optional hybrid system
10 kW combustion engine for super efficient long range operations. Can carry payload for 10% the fuel requirement of a helicopter.
Airframe parachute
A third level of safety.
Multiple versatile compartments, re-configurable in 10 minutes.

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When efficency and versatility saves lives.

Aero2 in its SAR configuration is compatible with modern SAR gimbals and additional sensor payloads. It is ideally suited for long endurance search applications. An optional auxiliary drop unit (ADU) offers rescue teams an option to deliver emergency supplies. The ADU can be equipped with approximately 20 kg of payload that can be dropped directly on site to bridge the time until rescue crews arrive.

VTOL capability combined with long-range high-speed functionality make Aero2 the ideal search platform to support today's rescue operations in oceans, mountains, and deserts, and will increase the efficiency of search activities significantly.

Aero2's ability to carry significant payload allows the use of sophisticated equipment to search for missing persons, such as infrared or RGB cameras, spectral imaging equipment, or mobile phone detection scanners, both day and night.

The modular nose compartment can hold up to 15kg of IR/FLIR camera equipment and can be swapped in 10 minutes for an auxiliary fuel tank for extra range.
This auxililary pod can carry up to 10kg of humanitarian goods which can be dropped to people in need.
The optional hybrid system allows for long-range missions, giving Aero2 a range of 400 km with an endurance of up to three hours. A long range version with reduced payload of 20kg can achieve up to 1300km.


more efficient than any state of the art helicopter when it comes to long-range search and rescue operations. Thanks to the integrated hybrid module the Aero2 can achieve a range of up to 400km in standard configuration and up to 1300km in long range configuration with reduced payload.

Fast turn-around automated cargo.

The simple load and unload mechanism makes Aero2 an ideal unmanned cargo transport system. It features unbeatable load exchange cycles. It can be loaded and unloaded manually or using fully automated logistic systems.

The space and weight capacities of Aero2 match 85% of all express cargo loads and will change the way we transport goods which need to be delivered urgently and reliably.

The cargo bay has been designed to hold a standard 600 x 400 x 330mm transport box. It allows the time and cost effective transportation of temperature sensitive cargo such as organs, blood preparations or laboratory samples without compromising on their safety.
Aero2 is built and designed rocksolid to support a 24/7 operation around the year. Its ability to land automatically and on all terrains and its low maintenance requirements allow for a rapid delivery of critical goods in disaster areas.

The nose module can be loaded manually or using fully automated logistic systems. The compartment can be quickly exchanged and carries a payload of up to 40kg.
flght controls
With Dufour Aerospace's Flight Control System we can automate deliveries to cargo terminals or remote landing fields, supporting any middle or last mile delivery process.
Aero2 has a range of up to 400km and can carry a payload of up to 40kg. Range can be extended up to 1300 km.


Aero2 is the ideal tool to transport goods efficiently and safely from A to B to support middle and last mile deliveries – with payloads of up to 40kg and a range of 400km in standard configuration and 1300km in long range configuration.

Long range sensor platform

Today's surveillance and mapping drones are limited in both flight time and range. Aero2 delivers long range surveillance possibilities. With its ability to carry significant payloads up to 40kg, professional multi-sensor equipment to gather important, high-resolution data can be installed.

Aero2 is a VTOL capable aircraft designed to aviation standards offering high reliability and operational robustness. One single system allows to cover large areas – different to most applications used for mapping or surveillance today.

Aero2 offers a mission spectrum that today is only accessible for helicopters or planes. Inspecting hundreds of kilometres of power lines, gas and oil pipelines, counting animals in large spacious areas or monitoring and analysing large agricultural fields will be possible at a fraction of today's costs and with significantly less environmental impact. The search for hotspots to prevent bushfires or the surveillance and coordination of activities in disaster areas can also be organised efficiently and economically.


Up to 40kg of functional payload can be integrated in the easily exchangeable nose cone. Additional possibilities to place equipment in the optional belly pod.
4 propeller configuration and decentralized electric propulsion for improved safety and reliability in critical environments.

Tilt-wing design for VTOL capability in unprepared terrain, meeting the requirements of low-speed applications and high-speed long range cruise.

Long range

Applications include: Forest fire surveillance, pipeline and powerline inspection, animal counting and poacher prevention, surveillance of beaches and shores, agricultural health monitoring,  efficient 3D mapping and environmental disaster surveillance.

Integration of
flight planning

Aero2 offers the possibility to integrate the preferred flight planning software of our customers to interact with our flight control system. Alternatively, Dufour Aerospace is also able to provide full software solutions.

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With over 30 years of experience in Swiss commercial helicopter operations, we understand the real world requirements of VTOL aircraft. Our engineering team with years of aircraft construction experience is building aircrafts for rugged operations in harsh environments. Our patented combination of proven aerodynamic concepts with the latest technology makes our aircraft rock solid with unparalleled performance.