Dufour Aerospace and Suter Industries sign frame contract

March 31, 2023

Picture from left: Philippe Lutz (CFO, Dufour), Lars Jäger (Director for Sales, Suter), Simon Bendrey (Head of Design, Dufour),

Turbenthal/Zurich, March 31, 2023: This week, Dufour Aerospace and Suter Industries signed a frame contract for the next development stage and a significant number of TOA 288 power units for the Aero2 VTOL aircraft.

"In aviation, efficiency and reliability are absolutely key. The power unit is one key element for our revolutionary Aero2 tilt-wing uncrewed aircraft. Suter offers the best solution for our hybrid-electric propulsion system. The first version of this hybrid unit has intensively been tested with a view to further modifications that will help us drive the market entry of this aircraft," said Simon Bendrey, Head of Design at Dufour Aerospace. "The outstanding performance of the engine combined with the know-how and dedicated, result-orientated approach of Suter allows us to continue this challenging project without delay."

Lars Jäger, Director for Sales at Suter Industries, stated: "Thanks to Dufour for their trust in us. We are very proud of being part of the revolutionary Aero2 project and to continue the story with Dufour. Closely working together with another Swiss company, we are especially thrilled and committed to performing with quality, performance and precision, as it is often the case for Swiss innovations and products."

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With over 30 years of experience in Swiss commercial helicopter operations, we understand the real world requirements of VTOL aircraft. Our engineering team with years of aircraft construction experience is building aircrafts for rugged operations in harsh environments. Our patented combination of proven aerodynamic concepts with the latest technology makes our aircraft rock solid with unparalleled performance.