Dufour Aerospace announces Mejzlik Propellers as supplier of main propellers for Aero2

April 22, 2024

Simon Bendrey, Head of Design at Dufour Aerospace

Zurich/Brno (CZE), April 22, 2024: Mejzlik Propellers manufactures top-quality carbon fixed-pitch propeller blades for the UAV market, and Dufour is excited to incorporate them into the main propeller on Aero2.

Simon Bendrey, Head of Design at Dufour Aerospace, emphasizes: "Mejzlik Propellers has crafted custom variable-pitch blades for the main propellers, perfectly suited to our motor and aircraft performance needs. Teamed with Dufour's in-house designed variable-pitch hub mechanism, these propellers will deliver the lift and cruise thrust for the aircraft. We eagerly anticipate a long-lasting partnership with Mejzlik Propellers on this program."

Tomas Mejzlik, CEO of Mejzlik Propellers, comments: "I am thrilled to collaborate with Dufour Aerospace on their Aero2 project. At Mejzlik Propellers, we are dedicated to delivering propeller solutions that help our customers achieve their propulsion system goals efficiently. This is why Dufour Aerospace chose us for their project and placed their trust in us. Our involvement in the Aero2 project allows us to leverage our 30+ years of experience in propeller design and manufacturing. We are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to such a sophisticated project and further enhance our expertise in propulsion systems in the UAV market."

About Mejzlik Propellers
Mejzlik Propellers is a carbon fiber propeller manufacturer based in Brno, Czech Republic. Since 1974, Mejzlik has been developing and manufacturing top-quality propellers. They are more than just another propeller manufacturer; they collaborate with their customers to achieve performance, reliability, and safety requirements. Mejzlik Propellers is a leader in providing solutions to the UAV market and offers simulation, design, manufacture, and testing services for their propeller customers.

About Dufour Aerospace
Dufour Aerospace develops efficient and eco-friendly aircraft for patient and passenger transport, logistics, and public safety. Dufour Aerospace’s designs currently under development rely on the tilt-wing principle. They take off and land vertically in the smallest space like a helicopter but fly as fast and economically as an airplane. While the propellers are electric-driven, hybrid elements (conventional combustion engines or fuel cells) ensure a sufficiently long range. The first product Dufour Aerospace will launch is the Aero2, an unmanned aerial vehicle specifically designed for the transportation of critical cargo such as medical supplies of up to 40 kilograms/88 pounds in medium to long-range distances. The manned Aero3, featuring a spacious cabin with eight seats and large doors, is the next aircraft in development by Dufour Aerospace.

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