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Commercial Partner

Spright is the drone division of Air Methods, the leading provider of helicopter emergency medical services. Spright and Dufour will cooperate for the purchase of up to 140 Aero2 aircraft, which represents the largest commitment by an operator to date for the Aero2 design, and one of the largest civilian unmanned aerial vehicle purchases in U.S. historyhe Dufour Aero2 aircraft expands Spright’s mission to serve the healthcare community by carrying heavier payload over longer distances.

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Commercial Partner

Dufour Aerospace is partnering with Sweden-based Savback Helicopters for the exclusive distribution of our Aero2 and Aero3 aircraft in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland. Savback Helicopters has built up an enviable reputation with over 30 years of experience selling helicopters and provides a significant knowledge of user cases and market prospects coming into the vertical lift market.

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Blueberry Aviation

Commercial Partner

With Blueberry Aviation, the global commercial aircraft and helicopter specialists, we have signed a global partnership agreement. Under this agreement Blueberry Aviation will provide marketing advisory and placement support to Dufour Aerospace. Blueberry Aviation will be Dufour’s privileged partner for helicopter trade-in and will set up financial tools to fund or lease Dufour products.

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V-Star Powered Lift Aviation

Commercial Partner

V-Star Powered Lift Aviation is an Australian player that aspires to bring a unique travel service to regional and metropolitan Australia, utilising the versatility of powered lift aircraft. We are proud to be one of their chosen key manufacturers with an agreement for our Aero3 in the field of emergency services.

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AirMobility Inc.

Commercial Partner

With AirMobility Inc., one of the leading eVTOL related platform services provider in Japan, we have signed a distribution agreement. Japan has high expectations and ambitious plans when it comes to eVTOL. With our versatile and efficient concept and our development philosophy, we can fulfill these expectations. Our products are designed and engineered to meet the demands of customers in many different commercial sectors such as Emergency Medical Services, Transport, but also Advanced Air Mobility. We are excited to have entered a win-win relationship as a partner of AirMobility Inc.

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Suter Industries

Technology Partner

Suter Industries in Switzerland develops, produces and sells power trains for different applications and alternative energy sources. The company is coming from Suter Racing and has profound development know-how in solving complex challenges. The capability to sustain on highest technology level has been proved as several-time winner of the constructor world championship in racing. Dufour Aerospace and Suter Industries have signed a frame contract for the next development stage and a significant number of power units for Aero2. The outstanding performance of the engine combined with the know-how and dedicated, result-orientated approach of Suter provides the best solution for our hybrid-electric propulsion system.

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Technology Partner

RUAG, a private-law company under the ownership of the Swiss Confederation, is a future-oriented technology partner focusing on innovation, the integration of new technologies in existing areas and systems, life-cycle management and ensuring the availability of military and security systems. RUAG will initially provide engineering services to Dufour; the partnership is intended to develop into a long-term strategic partnership in the field of development, manufacture and maintenance of electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOL) and components. The partnership will enable both companies to exchange technology and know-how in order to establish successful products and services in the market.

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Technology Partner

ETH Zurich and Dufour Aviation are connected in many ways, whether in the context of joint projects or also through numerous ETH students who gain valuable experience in an aviation development project through internships.

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Technology Partner

ZHAW School of Engineering and Dufour Aerospace have been working together on different projects, especially in the field of Flight Physics.

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Oblivion Aerial

Technology Partner

The Ticino-based company Oblivion Aerial has become a highly valued partner of Dufour Aerospace with its great operational know-how on drone missions of various kinds and with its technical support. The passion for developments and progress in the drone sector connects the two companies in an ideal way.

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The Ark

Technology Partner

In its early stages, Dufour Aerospace benefited significantly from the support of "The Ark". The Valais-based foundation is providing practical assistance to help companies increase their competitiveness in the areas of information and communication technologies, life sciences, and cleantech.

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Technology Partner

Innosuisse has provided valuable support for several of our projects. The Swiss Innovation Agency promotes science-based innovation in the interest of the economy and society in Switzerland.

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Connova AG

Technology Partner

Connova AG has been selected as main supplier for the composite airframe of the uncrewed tilt-wing aircraft Aero2. The all-composite light-weight airframe is a key contributor to the superior performance of Aero2. In that respect, Connova AG becomes a major partner to the Aero2 program. This close partnership is intended to last for many years to come and not only for the first four vehicles which have been contracted for now.

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Technology Partner

Aerolite AG - Composite designs and produces innovative main structures for Drones, UAVs, eVTOLs as well as interior equipment for Advanced Air Mobility, Rescue Helicopters, Air Ambulances and Business Aircraft. The Switzerland-based company has been selected as our main supplier for the lightweight composite structural parts for the nacelles and the tail of the Aero2 aircraft. The parts will be produced by Aerolite at their production facility in Horw.

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Development Partner

Dufour Aerospace and Swiss Air-Rescue Rega – the leading Swiss air rescue organization – have agreed on a development cooperation for the air ambulance version of Aero3. During product development, Rega will support Dufour Aerospace with know-how on medical and aviation equipment and will advise on operational standards and certification. Dufour Aerospace offers Rega the opportunity to influence the development of the Aero3 at an early stage.

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Swiss SkyLab Foundation

Networking Partner

Swiss SkyLab Foundation, a non-profit foundation supporting scientific, technological and academic utilization of research flight platforms, provides us with valuable support in proposing safe and efficient procedures to integrate our test flight operations into the active military airfield of Dübendorf.

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Air Force Center Dübendorf

Networking Partner

Dufour Aerospace is rented into the premises of the Air Force Center at the Dübendorf airfield and can fully rely on the good neighbourhood, especially when it comes to quick and uncomplicated support with various services - from the meeting room to the workshop to the forklift truck.

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Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich

Networking Partner

Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich is creating a new platform for research, development and innovation on the Dübendorf airfield site. This location is characterised both by its proximity to various research and teaching institutions and by the great quality of life for employees and their families in the Zurich area. Dufour Aerospace is committed to Dübendorf as a research and development location and supports the development of the Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich.

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Swiss Helicopter Association

Networking Partner

Dufour Aerospace is a member of the Swiss Helicopter Association, which promotes the interests of the Swiss helicopter industry, also on a European level.

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Swiss Aerospace Cluster SAC

Networking Partner

The Swiss Aerospace Cluster is an agile network for pooling information across companies, associations and research institutions thereby increasing the organizations’ potential for development and promoting innovative products. Dufour Aerospace is a Member of SAC and engages in different networking activities across aviation and space industry.

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Juliett Alpha

Media Partner

Juliett Alpha is a global communications and media relations firm with clients exclusively in the airline and aviation industry, including airlines, aviation technology, and data providers. The North American-based firm is proud to represent an innovator like Dufour Aerospace, who has a compelling story for the market.

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